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How often does Windstar Express perform routine maintenance checks on their equipment?

Our trucks and trailers are inspected every 15,000 miles.

Does Windstar Express have a Family Rider policy?

Windstar Express values family and knows the importance of being able to spend time together. For your safety, as well as your rider’s, we do have a few restrictions. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

What kind of fleet does Windstar Express operate?

Our fleet is made up of Peterbilt 389s, 567s, and 597s.

What types of trailers does Windstar Express offer?

We offer a variety of hauling options with Flatbed Conestoga, End Dump, and Tanker transport.

Does Windstar Express operate outside of the Midwestern states?

Windstar Express is based out of Carroll, IA, but is active throughout the contiguous United States.

Does Windstar Express have any current need for drivers?
Yes! We are always looking for safe, professional, and experienced drivers. To find out more or apply now, click here.
What types of experience do I need to drive for Windstar Express?

Drivers must have at least 2 years verifiable OTR experience. Find out more about driver qualifications here.

Does Windstar Express transport steel coils?

Yes. Transporting steel coils is a specialized and regulated type of hauling. All of our trailers are outfitted according to industry securement standards, and drivers are trained in safety precautions as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

How can I receive a quote for service?

Click here to receive a quote within 24 hours.

How can I apply to drive for Windstar Express?

We make it easy! Click here to fill out an application now.

Does Windstar Express haul over-sized freight?

Yes. If it can be properly secured and is safe for transport, we can haul it!